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A Yacht, Sailing Craft or Sailing Vessel by definition is a boat that has decks, sails and cabins. It is predominantly used for short voyages. In early Egyptian times it was mainly very wealthy people who were able to afford the sheer luxury of boating for pleasure. Boats in those early days were made without the use of nails and their construction was an awe-inspiring accomplishment. Wood was also very scarce and fetched a premium price for its importation from Lebanon. Such boats were made to lengths as long as 40m.

In the latter part of the 16th.century the Netherlands extended their industrial form of waterways transportation to the general population. This was largely brought about by being financed from the wealth created by trading with the Indies.

As the Dutch economy grew more and more people had these crafts built exclusively for pleasure. By early 17th. century the Dutch canals were becoming increasingly popular for leisure boating pursuits. The Dutch East India Company invested into these areas for commercial gain which maintained the growth of this market sector.

As we progress further into the 17th century, yachting spread across Europe. Yachts were used in discovering new lands and defending vital waterways. They served both as pleasure craft and as working ships, carrying people and messages swiftly and comfortably from shore to shore. To this day, people around the world enjoy this "sport of kings," both on small lakes and rivers and on the large open sea.

Here at we have Yachts & Sailing Boats for sale. Sloops, Cutters, Ketches, Schooners, Yawls, Cats , long or short Keel, in Steel / Fibreglass / Ferro large and small Yachts and Sail Boats.


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