Wooden Motor Boats

Wooden Boats With Motors 

Wooden motor boats are the perfect blend of modern engineering and traditional styling.

Whether you're looking for a new wooden motor boat or a classic second hand wooden motor boat, wherever you are we have listings to suit any budget.

Wooden boats have been a part of history for cultures across the globe, and were used to explore the world, discover new lands, travel through time zones, from north to south, in all weathers. Wooden boats gave people with a wondering nature the ability to explore, travel and expand their horizons.

That is still something that many of us carry in our hearts. A curious mind, a desire to travel and explore.

Wooden boats with the added benefit of a motor open a world of opportunities that mean you can expand your horizons yet further - or simply make your adventures simpler to take.

Whether you're looking for a small wooden motor boat that will make a fishing trip more fishing, less trip, or a bigger wooden motor boat to entertain friends and travel further afield, the worldwide listings on this page will offer you a range of options, wherever you're based and whatever your budget.

You might not be planning to discover a new land - but with a wooden motor boat you'll be able to discover more of the world around you. Travel further, faster and easier. Take trips with family and friends. Spend a day in a peaceful, distant spot with your fishing gear. Speed through the waves for the thrill of the ride.

Wooden motor boats have the fun and thrills of the motor, the benefits of an engine that will help you to get around far wider afield than rowing could take you, the ease of travel that means you can enjoy your surroundings and explore a wider area - but also keep the classic, traditional beauty of a carefully built wooden boat that combines style with precision engineering.

Wooden boats have been discovered in cultures across the globe, helping people to hunt, travel, explore, trade and share their culture, discover new cultures, and expand into new locations.

he importance of wooden boats throughout our history mean that for those who love life on the water they will always be special and timeless. For many who dream of owning their own boat the ideal is a wooden boat that looks beautiful as it glides through the water.

Whether you are looking for a large wooden motor boat to cruise in with your family, or a smaller fishing boat for trips out on the river close to home, search or browse our listings for something that meets your needs and sparks that passion for life on the water in your heart.

Wherever you are, and whatever your budget, our range of wooden motor boats listed here offers a wide range of styles and sizes, in locations around the world, and at a range of prices that means you are bound to find your perfect fit.
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