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Trailer Sailing Boats for sale - Sailing Dinghies

Trailer Sailers

Let’s clarify the spelling shipmates!

Trailer Sailor is the U.S. version.

Trailer Sailer is the correct English version.

Why? Because Sailor relates to a person. Sailer relates to a boat.

These boats are either easily towable or compact enough as rooftop boats To name but a few ;- Cornish Crabber, Drascombe, Sadler, Morton, Newbridge, Macgregor, Hawk. Beneteau. Superb starter boats for “getting your toe in the water”.

Good for early training in tacking and general handling. These boats are recommended for short pleasure journeys. They are very economic with no need for mooring or storage fees. Trailer Sailers sell fast and there are always opportunities for new sellers and buyers within this popular category.
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