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RIB or RHIB - Definition

A rigid-inflatable boat RIB or a rigid-hulled inflatable boat (RHIB) is a light-weight and high-performance and high-capacity boat constructed with a solid, shaped hull and flexible tubes at the gunwale. This particular design is stable and seaworthy. The inflatable collar allows the vessel to maintain buoyancy even if a large quantity of water happens to flow aboard due to bad sea conditions. The RIB is a development of the inflatable boat.

Uses include work boats (supporting shore facilities or larger ships) in trades that operate on the water, as well as use as lifeboats and military craft, where they are used in patrol roles and to transport troops between vessels or ashore.

A Short British History

The earliest known RIB appeared to have been introduced in 1967 by Tony and Edward Lee-Elliott. The RIB was subsequently patented by Admiral Desmond Hoare in 1969 after some research and development at the Atlantic College in Wales. At boatsforsaleworldwide.com we are always interested in representing both buyers and sellers for domestic or commercial RIBS. If you have one for sale, do let us know as we may have someone on our waiting list that might require one

The Perfect Inflatable Boats For Sale

There are many inflatable boats for sale, but only a few that are worth one's time. How can one go about differentiating between the mediocre options and those that are valuable assets. Inflatable boats are all about understanding what one will be using them for. Will it be for family use or for water activities? These are factors that have to be taken into consideration beforehand. Let's take a look at a series of realities one should be pinpointing and placing an emphasis on when going through inflatable boats for sale.

RIB Layouts

The boat's layout has to be in accordance with one's needs. The boating market used to be all about going with the general dive boat layout, but it has expended to becoming more "luxurious" in nature.

What does luxury mean for those who are looking at the various inflatable boats for sale? Luxury can come in the form of the extra seats that have been added on, extra instruments, and consoles that make for a better experience.

This is where one has to decide the type of water that will be home for the inflatable boat. If one is going to be using the boat in a colder climate, it is better to go with deep v-hulls. These are able to sustain quality in those climates without seeing the inflatable boat break down.

Engine Assessment

When looking to make a purchase, it is important to make an assessment on the actual engine. This is where the quality of the boat can "make or break" the entire purchase.

It is always smart to go with a professional who understands what the engine should be like. It is a huge risk to make a purchase without gauging the value of the boat. It is an expensive investment and it is essential to have an in-depth assessment of the boat before going ahead with the deal.

What should one be looking for when they are purchasing the boat and assessing the engine? There are a host of factors to take a glance at and a test drive in the water can help. This is not always possible, but it can alleviate most concerns one may have about the boat in general.

When it comes to the engine, it is important to focus on the water pump and how much it is pumping through to the boat's core system. Is it able to get the water flowing through as required or are there hitches? What about the cooling water flow that is going through the engine? If there is a blocked outlet, one will start to see poorer results and an increased chance of the boat breaking down.


Just like when one is purchasing a car, it is important to make an assessment on the brakes and wheel bearings. This is important as used boats can start to require chances in this aspect.

If the brakes are stiff, they will start to not function as one desires and this can be risky out on the water. One does not need to go in the water when making this assessment. It is better to just raise the boat and spin the wheels in order to see if they function as required.


This is critical with inflatable boats, the seams can start to tear off. It is important to find a boat that does not have issues with the seams. It is never a good sight to see the boat's seams begin wearing away and lead to issues in the water.

It can be quite expensive to make these repairs and it is best to find out about them beforehand instead of after making the investment.

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