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In this section below we have a selection of speed and power boats for sale that are less than 45ft in length. For many reasons the overall length of a power or speed boat is a critical fracture. Things like mooring and running cost obviously are more expensive the larger the boat is. Insuring power or speed boats lager than 45ft or 15m will be more expensive as well

The handling of the boat is a factor a lot of potential buyers tend to overlook, a bit like driving a car, van or large truck! They all handle in different ways and require different levels of experience. Power boats under 45ft are great to handle in claim waters on a nice sunny day , but what about a cold windy day and you need to moor up , side winds on a larger boat is a big factor and can make what started out as a nice day out ends up in you smashing your pride and joy in the dock side damaging it.
Swift Trawler 44 15
Power Boats Under 15m
Almtrawler 1320 13
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