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A personal water craft (PWC), also called water scooter, is one that the rider sits or stands on, rather than being inside. A PWC has an inboard engine driving a pump jet that creates thrust for propulsion and steering. It is well known through one of the brand names as a Jet Ski or Wave Runner amongst others.

A Short History Of Personal Water Craft

PCWs or Water scooters - as they were originally termed - were first developed in Europe in the mid-1950s, with models such as the British 200cc Vincent Amanda, and the German Wave Roller. In the 1960s, the idea was developed further.

Clayton Jacobson a motocross enthusiast. Jacobson's idea was designed in the mid-1960s, powered by an internal pump-jet instead of an outboard motor. It was made of all aluminium, and had a fixed, upright handle. Jacobson eventually quit his job in banking to devote himself to developing the idea, and had a working prototype by 1965. It differed slightly from modern personal watercraft but had definite similarities. He completed a second prototype a year later made of fibreglass.

The first Clayton-type PWC to reach the market was designed by Bombadier in the late 1960s. Bombardier's original designs were not very popular and Bombardier left the business before 1970. Stand-up PWCs first appeared on the US market in 1973 and were produced by Kawasaki. These were mass-produced boats to be used by only one rider. While they are still produced today, the more popular design, is the sit down variety of PWC. These sit down models have been produced by Kawasaki (Jetski), Bombardier (Sea Doo), Yamaha (WaveRunner) Honda (AquaTrax), Polaris (Sealion) and Arctic Cat (Tigershark). As of 2010, the major manufacturers of PWCs were Kawasaki, Bombardier and Yamaha. Both Yamaha and Kawasaki continue to sell stand up models but it is a small percentage of the overall market.
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