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Kite Scooter

Biplane Rig

This sail rig is also known as a side by side rig 2 complete sail rigs on one hull using 2 leg-o-mutton sails. The theory is that the sails won't spoil each other's wind and a larger amount of sail area can be flown with a lower centre of effort. When sailing down wind, the sails are let out on opposite sides. This sail rig is also known as a side by side rig.

Wing Sail

Wing sails are common use with the America's Cup boats. The main sail is shaped like an airplane wing and has internal parts that allow the crew to adjust the airfoil shape. The wing sail is proven on the race course and can beat a conventional sailing craft of larger class and size.

Rotor Sail

Cylinders that stand vertical on a boat usually very large in proportion to boat.


As it sounds really a windmill style rotor to that travels down mast to a shaft the turns a prop.
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