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Aug 03, 2015

Unique Content When Placing a Boat Advert

In this fast moving day and age the internet is King especially Google.

Most people would nowadays say - go "Google" it and thats a fact.

So with Google being so powerful we all have to follow its rules if we want our web sites to get good rankings .
The facts are very few of us would ever go past page 3 with a google search nowadays, knowing that if the web site you are looking for is not on those first 3 pages or 30 results it is likely not to be a popular site.

The only way now days a site can win Googles favour is to provide good quality unique content . The sort of stuff you want to read , the sort of information you realy need . Not woful or loads of pages of nonsense.

Lazy People

One fact we are aware about is people have become very lazy and would sooner copy and past a bit of text into say an email than sit and take the time to compose a decent document nowadays.
The same goes for your boat advert ! You may well have placed your boats details on a number of other boat sales web sites and after seeing our great offer of FREE boat advertising , jump stright to one of old adverts you have on one of these sites , fingers on mouse , copy and past it in to your advert on our site.

NOT Good , not good at all . In fact a total waste of your time and our great offer ! Why - Very simple Mr Google does NOT like copy content , in-fact it hates it so much it will see your advert as something you are not really bothered about and thinks then well why should we be bothered to give this lazy person any respect on our search engine and simply give your web page a low priority (ranking).

When we say your web page by this we mean when you place an advert on our site , you effectively create a mini web page which will be something like www.boatsforsaleworldwide.com/my-little-boat.com . The first part is obviously our main domain address then the part after the forward slash is actually your individual web page.

Some of these URLs as they are know can get very long and complex but you do not need to worry about any of that. Simply follow the guides we have given you and any thing you are not sure about simply ask , send an email and we can sort any problem out and good luck selling your boat .

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