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Aug 18, 2015

Top Tips For Selling Your Boat Quickly

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Are you dreaming of the new models that you saw in BOATING and are looking forward to the up-coming shows? If so, the only thing that might be still standing in your way is your old boat. Or perhaps you simply want to sell your old boat for some quick cash. Either way, there are plenty of things you can do to get your boat in the spotlight and speed up the sales process. In this article we will discuss the top tips to help you seal the deal fast!

Market, market, market!

If you are serious about selling your boat, there is no way around marketing. You could put up ads in local newspapers and boating press or even advertise in national venues, depending on the boat you want to sell. Be sure to add plenty of pictures to your ad as these will stand out more. A big billboard on a busy highway might even be an option, depending on your budget. Simply do whatever it takes to get as many eyeballs on your offer as possible.

Fire up the engine

If you have a potential buyer coming over to see your boat, be sure to fire up the engine ahead of time. Sometimes even great engines can have a balky start and it can seriously turn off any buyer. Heating up your engine before hand can avoid this problem.

Make it look good again

If you would want to sell your house, you would do everything possible to make it look spacious, beautiful and simple awesome, right? Well, the same goes for your used boat. If your space is crammed up by useless gear, throw it out, so that it looks spacious again and potential buyers can get a true feeling of the actual roominess. Get out curtains that are scratched or clouded and replace them with new ones or simply leave them out altogether. Spray-on furniture wax is something you can apply to your furniture to make them look like new again. Be aware though, that this wax can be wiped off easily and only lasts a day. If you know that a prospect is coming to have a look on the same day, this can be a great idea however. You can place air fresheners and clean everything that is necessary. Remove grease from the engine and take out rust stains.

A new paint job

If you really want to make a great impression with your boat and let the old thing stand out again, make it look sharp by applying a new coat of paint on the bottom. For an even neater look, use spray paint for outboard and stern drive skegs for a fresh new look.

Prepare for a sea trial

Potential buyers want to try out your used boat before they buy, so now is the time to impress and seal the deal. Make sure that the boat is light in fuel and also light in water, remove canvas and safety gear and make sure the potential buyer does not bring to many people to accompany him. By going in light weight, you will reach a better speed and plain easier. By not inviting too many people on the boat, you will also ensure that it keeps the its spacious appearance.

The right asking price

Before you even meet the first prospect, be sure that you know the bottom price you want to ask for your boat. There is still something to add though. The lowest price should also include the cost for advertising, maintenance and the time you spend showing off your boat to potential buyers. Even so, never start off with the lowest price, but always ask for the best possible price and never ever drop below the bottom price while negotiating.

Never mention the price on the phone

This might seem counter-intuitive and some buyers might insist on getting an estimate while talking to you on the phone, but nonetheless, you should never mention a price before meeting up with them. The reason for this is that, once they saw the boat, only then they might become emotionally invested and justify the price to themselves. If you were to simply tell them on the phone, most people would never even show up for the show-off.
Selling your boat will take up a lot of your time and you have to do everything your can to get ahead of the competition. After all, there will always be people selling a better boat than the one you have, at a better price. That is why it is so important to make sure that you stand out from the crowd and let buyers know why they should choose to do business with you. Go in well prepared and you will sell your boat at a better price you thought possible!
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