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Narrow Beam Boats 

First built to navigate the narrow waterways, tunnels and locks of the British canal system, narrow beam canal boats have become increasingly popular in recent years and are now widely available for enthusiasts and investors to purchase and enjoy.

Originally used for moving goods and people around the country, today narrow boats are predominantly used for recreation, investment and, increasingly, housing.

Their beautiful designs, cosy interiors and the slow pace of life they encourage make narrow boats the perfect choice for a relaxing holiday. More spacious boats are easily transformed into permanent or semi-permanent homes.

Most canal networks in the UK and many around the world are geared towards catering for narrow boats, making it easy to pull up at cafés, bars and restaurants and to find amenities and moorings.

Due to the fact that narrow boats were designed to fit through small tunnels and locks, their maximum width is around 7 feet with a maximum length of around 72 feet, though most are much shorter.

This has lead to some innovative design and many narrow boat interiors are ingeniously built to accommodate as many people as possible while still giving passengers plenty of living space.

In general, narrow boats sleep around 2-8 people, though some have been converted to accommodate up to 10 and in some cases even more.

Privately owned boats may have other alterations including terraces, fully equipped kitchens, satellite TV and even the internet. This allows those who want to use the boat as a base for a holiday and those who want to live on them permanently a very comfortable stay.

Compared to other types of boats, narrow boats can be very affordable with the price depending on the size, the condition and the spec of the vessel.

Another thing you’ll need to consider when buying a narrow boat is the maintenance required to keep it river-worthy and in good condition.

In general, this involves putting your boat in a dry dock every 2-5 years, removing any weeds from the hull and repainting the surface with bitumen paint in order to keep it watertight and in good condition.

You can keep the costs down by doing the work yourself, but you’ll still need to pay for a dry dock to remove your boat from the water and store it while you perform the maintenance.

However, even with the cost of regular maintenance, narrow boats are still a very affordable way to enjoy your leisure time on the water and provide a cost effective alternative to traditional housing.

One of the best things about narrow boats is that, thanks to their mobile nature, you can move from mooring to mooring whenever you like, giving you the freedom to travel around the country whenever it suits you.

Though there are some costs involved in mooring your boat, especially if you’re hooking it up to electricity, moorings are readily available on most canal networks.

Beautiful, ornate and enjoyable to use, purchasing a narrow boat is great for families looking for a relaxing place to spend their leisure time, investors looking to start a business and anyone looking for an interesting place to live.
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