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Multihull Sailing boats

There are a great many kinds of multi-hull sailing boats and here we have listings for a wide variety, in a range of sizes and designs that will suit your boat buying desires, whatever you're looking for.

Two hull sailing boats

Catamaran, proa, duplus and trisec are all kinds of multi hull sailing boats - all having two hulls.

Two hull sailing ships are more stable than mono-hull ships, and each style has its own fans.

Catamarans have two equally sized hulls joined by a beam or a frame. They are lightweight and fast moving ships.

A proa is a multi hull sailing boat with two parallel hulls of different lengths. Usually it is sailed with one side kept hullward and the other kept leeward.

A duplus has two hulls and a large platform and makes a great pleasure boat or fishing boat. Most ferries are based on this design.

Trisec sailing boats have high motion control.

You can also find sailing boats with three hulls.

Three hull sailing boats

Three hull sailing boats could be trimarans, outrigger ships or tricore.

Trimarans have one larger central hull with smaller hulls to each side to balance the boat, and are usually for recreation or racing.

Outrigger ship is an interchangeable name for trimaran to most people - again it means a ship with a larger central hull and smaller hulls to each side of equal size.

Tricore ships have three equally sized hulls.

All multihull sailing boats are more stable than a monohull and whether you're an experienced sailor or new to the joys of boats on the water a multihull sailing boat is a great option when you're looking to buy your own boat.

Multihull sailing boats are fast, safe and reliable and they're a great way to sail, whether you're racing competitively or sailing for recreation with friends and family. The boats are harder to overturn even in high winds, their lightweight frames make them fast and manoeuvrable on the waves, and the large surface area gives you plenty of room for whoever and whatever you're taking on your sailing trip.

Here we have listings for a wide range of multihull sailing boats that will suit recreational sailors, sailors who want to race, and more.

Whether you want a two hull sailing boat or a three hull sailing boat you can browse or search our multihull sailing boats and you're bound to find what you need, whatever your budget and wherever you are.

The range of multihull sailing boats available, either new or second hand, means that you can always find the right boat to suit your needs and your dreams, and our listings show boats worldwide for sale, so you can find something local or look further afield to be sure to find the perfect multihull sailing boat.

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