Multihull Power Boats

Multihull Powerboats / Catamarans – Short history

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The Multihull powerboat combines the features of a motor yacht with the characteristics of a multihull.

A power catamaran is generally without any sailing facilities. Smaller powered catamarans are becoming quite popular in the United States with several manufacturers producing quality boats. A small "cat" will almost certainly have 2 engines while a similar sized mono-hull would only one engine. All mid-size and larger cats will have 2 engines

Passenger transport

The Stena Voyager is a catamaran that provides a fast ferry service across the Irish sea. An increasing trend is the use of a catamaran as a high-speed ferry. This was pioneered by a Norwegion company who launched the Westamaran design in 1973. The Westamarans, and later designs, some of them consisting of a catamaran hull resting on an air cushion between the hulls, became dominant for all high-speed connections along the Norwegian coast. They could achieve speeds comparable to the hydrofoils that it replaced, and was much more tolerant of foul water and wave conditions.

Since the 1970s, the length of catamarans increased from some 20 m up to 115 m long. The high-speed Stena (HSS) is the world's largest fast ferry, travelling at a speed of 46 mph, although it is capable of doing over 70 mph.

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