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There is an extensive range of manufacturers of Motorsailers. Too many to list here as there are hundreds. The main definition that links all the different types together, however, is that they are a type of sailing vessel that can be propelled sails or engine in equal measure.

Whilst most sailing yachts above a certain size will usually have an inboard engine, they will not be "Motorsailers", because their main source of power is sail, and the engine is generally only for additional manoeuvering.

Motorsailer are usually designed with enclosed cockpits, sailing yachts have open cockpits. There are other design and practical differences.

For example Motorsailers often have smaller sails than equivalent yachts coupled with shorter masts.

Motorsailers by nature are more for long-distance cruising and are more easily manageable by a small crew. As such they are ideal for those who are less inclined to want or able to handle larger sails.

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