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Model Boats

As lovers of all things related to boats and boating, we are not averse to admiring miniature versions of our favourite boats. This section of our website is designed to help anyone looking to buy or sell a model boat, from Dutch barges to destroyers and from submarines to sailing ships.

We aim to cover all forms of model boat related items, including static display models, radio controlled craft and spare parts. Who knows, these pages may even prove to be a jumping off point for someone who would like to have their own full-size boat one day - sometimes it helps to start small!

If you have a model boat you'd like to sell, you can list it here free of charge. So if you've found an old model boat in the attic, put your free advert on our model boat pages and you might get some cash. We would also like to encourage dedicated collectors, who can place free 'wanted' adverts for any model boats they require.

Tips for advertisers

Make sure you give accurate measurements for your model boat, as it can be difficult to get a sense of scale from a photograph. Also, get the best quality photos you possibly can - good quality photographs are absolutely key to successful online selling. If you can't take a decent photo, or you're more interested in catamarans than cameras, then get a friend to do it for you!

About model boats

Though they are more popular today than they have ever been, model boats are not a new phenomenon. Model boats are as old as the art of shipbuilding itself. Many model boats have been found in archaeological excavations at key sites of some of the world's earliest civilisations, particularly the great Mediterranean trading empires of Greece, Phoenicia and Egypt. Experts believe the quantity and quality of these ancient artefacts highlights the importance of boats and seafaring to these long-vanished civilisations

While model boats today are generally considered toys or collector's items, in the ancient world they often served a more serious purpose. Many have been found in tombs and burial chambers, alongside other valuable possessions. Many historians believe these model boats were intended to ferry the soul of the deceased into the afterlife.

As many more of these models have survived than the actual ships upon which they were based, archaeologists and historians have found them extremely useful in understanding shipbuilding techniques and technology in the ancient world.

In medieval Europe, seafarers setting out on long or perilous journeys would often build models and hang them in their local church as an offering to the saints, hoping to earn some protection from the dangers of the sea.

Some model boats of today have a more practical use. Trainee pilots of supertankers and other large vessels often train in small-scale versions of their larger cousins. These models boats are designed to simulate the behaviour and handling characteristics of the full size versions, giving a safe introduction to new pilots and captains.
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