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Luxury Sailing Yachts

Having your own luxury sailing yacht is a real status symbol and shows that you've really made it. The ultimate in luxury and style, the ideal way to while away a summer day in a beautiful location, and the perfect way to sail, this category has listings for luxury sailing yachts all over the world in a huge range of designs.

First heard of at the beginning of the 20th century, luxury sailing yachts were built as private sailing vessels for the elite to entertain their friends in style.

There was a huge increase in the number of these luxury yachts, and the size and styling of them increased and became yet more decadent, between 1997 and 2008 and many think that the desire and demand for such large, luxurious sailing boats has tailed away since - but recent figures show that the demand is just as great, if not greater, with the rejuvenation of the global economy and the desire to enjoy time with friends and family as a release of the pressures of modern life.

These luxury sailing yachts are found in sunny, stunning, glamorous locations - the Cayman Islands, the Virgin Islands, all around the Mediterranean Sea and the Caribbean Sea, and they travel and gather together with the sailing crowd following the fun and the sun.

If you want a taste of this luxury lifestyle then the range of luxury sailing yachts in these listings will transport you wherever you want to go in comfort, style and class.

Most recently the growing demand for these boats has seen a desire for bigger ships, and they tend towards the same basic design, with styling and décor differing from boat to boat, but always extremely luxurious.

The lower deck usually has a swimming platform at the boat's stern with guest cabins (all with en suites) and quarters for the crew. The engine room is also found on the lower deck.

The main deck is the communal areas - dining room, salon, the master suite with multiple rooms for entertaining or working, should the owner wish to keep up with their work while they're cruising.

The upper deck has outdoor dining space for all the guests and owners, another salon (sometimes known as the sky lounge) with another stateroom or master room.

Topping all of this is the sun deck - the uppermost part of a luxury sailing yacht - and often this sun deck includes a gym and a Jacuzzi for the ultimate in glamour.

Within most luxury yachts there are entertainment centres, sound systems, TVs, satellite communication methods and more. There are often even speed boats, windsurfing or diving equipment, or jet skis stored within the yacht to make for the ultimate holiday experience.

Browse or search the listings in this section to find your own perfect luxury sailing boat, wherever you are in the world, and whatever your budget. The choice includes new and second hand boats, in a range of styles, designs and sizes, with a huge range of accessories and extras to be found.

Luxury Yachts
Cantieri Di Pisa 33m 2
Luxury Yachts
Azimut 55E (2012) for sale 9
Luxury Yachts
Almtrawler 1320 13
Luxury Yachts
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