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Water Jet Boats

Jet boats are used in passenger ferry services, coastguard and police patrol, navy and military, adventure tourism (which is becoming increasingly popular around the globe), pilot boat operations, surf rescue,farming fishing, exploration, pleasure boating and other water activities where motor boats are used. Jet boats can also be raced for sport, both on rivers and on specially designed racecourses. Recently there has been increasing use of jet boats in the form of rigid-hulled inflatable boats and as luxury yacht tenders.

Many jet boats are small enough to be carried on a trailer and towed by car. One very important feature of the jet boat is the fact that it has no external rotating parts. It is therefore safer for swimmers and marine life although they can still be struck by the hull.

The safety benefit itself can sometimes be reason enough to use this type of propulsion. Caution needs to be taken, however, as jet boats are more sensitive to engine/jet unit mismatch, compared with the problem of engine/propeller mismatch in propeller-driven craft. If the jet-propulsion unit is not well matched to the engine performance, inefficient fuel consumption and poor performance can result.

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