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When you're thinking about buying a houseboat with a mooring you have three options. A residential mooring, a leisure mooring, or a leasehold mooring. Here we will look at the difference between the three, and you can search or browse our listings for house boats with moorings in your area.

Residential mooring

This is when a marina or landowner provide a mooring, with local authority approval, for continuous or permanent occupation of the boat at the mooring. This is a home and permanent residence in a houseboat, where the occupant lives all or most of the time, and usually the boat isn't moved much, if at all.

Leisure mooring

A leisure mooring is where a houseboat is kept for short breaks or even long periods, but the houseboat has no permanent occupant. Instead the owner has an address elsewhere to which the mooring is registered, and where they usually reside.

Leaseholder mooring

A leaseholder mooring is when a landowner or marina leases a plot of land to be used a mooring. This may or may not be alongside a waterway. The buyer then owns the right to moor their boat there for a specific amount of time. The lease owner may sub-let their plot to other boat owners.

The differences between the kinds of mooring mean that they each suit different needs. Are you looking for a mooring for holidays and short stays? If so a leisure mooring is probably the best option.

However, if you are looking for a place to store a boat long term, or a place in which to moor a houseboat to live permanently within, leaseholder or residential moorings are better suited.

Here we have a number of boats that are available to buy either as leaseholder moorings - where you may keep your boat most of the year - or as a residential mooring, where you may live permanently, and never move your boat if you wish for an inexpensive, permanent option for your home.

Whatever your requirements houseboats with moorings are available in a number of locations, in a range of sizes and houseboat models, and to suit a range of budgets.

Perhaps you would like a small houseboat to take regular trips and travel with family and friends. Perhaps you are more interested in a larger, more spacious houseboat. Are you looking for a mooring for a holiday boat, or to let as a holiday home to others, or are you looking for an affordable, interesting home of your own on the water?

Whatever you are looking for our listings provide a wide range of options, in a wide range of locations. Search for a specific model, location or mooring, or browse our listings to see what is available in your desired area or budget.

Houseboats are an affordable, beautiful and exciting way to live, and a fun family holiday, and are the perfect way to travel throughout the UK and explore the waterways and countryside.
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