House Boats With / Without Engine For Sale

Static House Boats

On this page we can offer you a selection of house boats that have or have not got an engine.

Yes some house boats simply do not need and engine as they are intended to be permanently moored , but if need moving can be towed to a new mooring.
House boats come in many, many different shapes and sizes. With anything now days being called a house boat from converted storage barge, converted fishing trawler or even a custom made all singing and dancing metal, timber or fibreglass version.

Even on the TV programmes we are seeing these change my lifestyle programs show ing people who covert old barges to a floating home.

Anything is possible now days with modern materials and tools . It is not like a century or so ago when you need highly skilled specialist labour to work on a boat, a good DIYer is more than capable of converting a craft to a house boat.
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