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What To Look For When Buying A House Boat

Buying a house is always a big deal, but buying a house boat can be even more of a fantastic journey! Put yourself in a more powerful position when it comes to buying, by being a highly educated consumer. The time you spend will be a wise investment in what you end up owning.

Small Houseboats

While buying a house boat would be a dream come true for many people, it's not the most practical decision for everyone. Storage can present obstacles, and unless it will be your full-time residence, you could end up with two fairly large monthly payments to deal with. Consider storage, docking, maintenance costs and even the high price of special fixtures which you must buy. Think worst case scenario for a minute, and analyse your ability to stay afloat, so to speak. Particularly if the boat will be your only home, you've got to be certain this is the right decision for you.

Locating a Large House Boat

Not surprisingly, there are many types and manufacturers to research. If you're interested in used house boats for sale, pick up a few trader magazines. While you may get lucky searching general classifieds, your selection would probably be severely limited. Look into estate auctions and auction houses as well for a previously owned model, or go straight to a dealership if you're in the market for a brand new house boat.

Compare House Boats

Just like any other major purchase, you want to research it thoroughly. The process will be made considerably easier if you already know exactly what you want. What sleeping capacity are you interested in?
Do you want something simple and compact?
Would something spacious and luxurious be more to your liking?
Determine the criteria, and check multiple sources to get a ballpark figure. After that, be prepared to make serious offers. Don't be afraid to haggle over price either; the process is similar to buying a standard house or vehicle in that your seller normally has room to negotiate.

Sticking To A Smart Budget

Whether you're going to pay cash or finance, it's always important to figure out the maximum price you can afford. Hammer out a budget, accounting for the new boat and stick within that range. Even if you find something straight out of a dream, don't sink your credit rating by going over board on price. Additionally, asking the various sellers you encounter what it costs to operate the boat can help you plan for future expenses with your budget.

Fixer-Upper House Boats For Sale

You may encounter a model that has you falling head over heels, or something so unique and quaint you simply have got to have it. While there may be nothing holding you back financially from the purchase, a fixer-upper should be thoroughly investigated. Unless you've got the knowledge to analyse the vehicle adequately, hire an inspector before signing on the dotted line. It's one thing to replace a floor or refinish counter tops, but if your prospective new house boat needs a major overhaul, be aware of the cost involved. The heat pump will most likely run you over $1500. A holding tank and pump management system can run close to £1000. Depending on what is in need of repair, you could easily double the cost of your boat when all is said and done. Try limiting your search to house boats for sale that are in need of minor or aesthetic repairs only, unless you've got a sizeable budget to work with.

Understanding The Terms Of Your Purchase

Any private seller will work out the details of your purchase on the spot, however; auction houses and estate sales may have different terms. Financing isn't usually an option with them, and it's important to know this in advance. If you need to make payment arrangements, either visit your bank for a pre-approved loan or approach a dealership for your best options. Keep in mind too that many banks only provide loans for newer house boats. No matter what you do, reading the fine print and knowing exactly what you're buying is vital to the future relationship you have with your new boat. You want to enjoy it as much as you can and that simply won't be possible if circumstances are constantly stressing you.

Transporting Your New House Boat

Find out in advance when you can move your new purchase, and be prepared to haul. The average house boat exceeds 35,000 pounds and typically demands a lot of horse power, along with a special trailer. This is definitely not a detail you want to leave to the last minute! Hire a professional mover if necessary, but make certain you can handle the hauling and that you do so within the seller's specified time limit.

Hopefully, the house boat you buy turns out to be the home of your dreams. If you are well prepared and have done your homework, your purchase should leave you floating away in bliss.

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