European Boat Charter

Boat Charter

Allowing you to explore the continent’s rugged coastlines, coves and secluded bays, try your hand at deep sea fishing or simply enjoy a day on the water, chartering a boat from any of Europe’s spectacular coastal regions makes for an unforgettable experience.

From large yachts able to accommodate groups and families to small vessels perfect for day trips and fishing excursions, a huge range of boats can be chartered at ports and harbours around Europe.

Though charters can vary significantly in price depending on the location, spec and size, there are good value options to be found in many of the continent’s most popular sailing destinations.

From the sun drenched Mediterranean Sea with its hidden beaches, coastal villages and luxurious ports, to the rugged Atlantic Ocean and the cool, calm Baltic, Europe has an incredibly diverse coastline that is perfect for exploring by boat.

As the continent stretches from the Arctic Circle to North Africa, you should always be able to find the weather, as well as the scenery, that you’re looking for.

Depending on the region and the time of year that you travel, it should be possible to choose from a range of vessels and a variety of itineraries. Though more popular destinations will normally have a better choice when it comes to arranging a charter.

A benefit of chartering rather than purchasing a boat is that it gives you the freedom to travel between coastal regions, allowing you to explore any part of the continent’s waters that take your fancy.

With a coastline stretching from the stunning Norwegian Fjords to the idyllic Greek Islands, as well as some spectacular coastal towns and cities, Europe has a lot of coastline worth exploring.

Charters also give you the freedom to choose the length of your trip, giving you the option to dedicate your holiday to sailing or simply to spend a day or two on the water in between sight seeing.

Alternatively, if you plan to spend a lot of time at sea, you could consider buying a boat and keeping it at your favourite port. That way you can enjoy exclusive use of the vessel and really get to know your chosen region and other nearby destinations.

Taking in the popular Mediterranean countries of Greece, Italy, France and Spain, the stunning coastlines of Portugal, the UK and Scandinavia and a whole host of other fantastic regions, Europe is one of the most popular sailing destinations in the world.

From sailing boats to super yachts and powerboats to catamarans, almost all types of charters are available in Europe. You’ll also have the choice of skippered or crewed charters which can normally be tailored to suit your requirements.

Though different charter options will be available in different resorts, most major destinations should have a good range available.

With such a wide range of destinations, boats and holidays available, Europe really is one of the best sailing destinations in the world. So why not charter a boat of your own and really get to know the continent and its spectacular coastline?
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