Dive RIBs For Sale

Dive Boats

Ridged Inflatable Boats designed for diving.

Not all RIBs are the same , there are specially designed versions that are made go cope with the needs of domestic and commercial divers.

There needs to be raks made available to safely secure the air tanks and all the extras need to provide safe diving.

Then you have the problem of leaving and getting back aboard with all that equipment on.

The smaller one or two man size dive boats are usually 4 to 5m long and have out board engines .

The larger multi person boats can be up to 15m long and have large petrol or diesel inboard engines offer more power and speed to get out to offshore dive sites faster.

Some even have on board compressors for toping up air tanks while at sea saving the need to carry extra air tanks and all the space they take up .

A Ridged Inflatable Dive Boat can have many uses.
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