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Commercial Ridged Inflatable Boats

RIBs - or rigid inflatable boats - are favorites for working boats that combine ease of use with convenience and high performance. They are well suited to rescues, as safety boats, as tenders for bigger ships and are often used as dive boats. They're very manoeuvrable and sturdy, can stay afloat even in rough conditions or if they fill with water, thanks to their buoyancy, and are robust enough to survive even quite big collisions, making them fantastic options for lifeguards and for heavy use

Light weight and versatile, RIBs are favorites with lifeguards, the military and any commercial venture that wants to efficiently transport groups of people for speed or pleasure.

Most RIBs range from 13 to 28 feet (approximately four to nine meters) in length and they can be powered by either inboard or outboard motors, sometimes multiple outboards, depending on the size of the boat. They can be transported in their inflated state, on road trailers, which makes them popular as leisure craft too.

Their hydroplaning hulls and low weight mean they're fast and maneuverable, and can outperform boats of other styles in similar sizes. They're hard to sink and can carry heavy loads, and the design of the hull makes them flexible, and thus less rough than other kinds of boat, even on rough water, meaning they're less unpleasant to ride in for transportation or rescue work.

Every RIB has multiple inflatable chambers, meaning that even if the suffer one or more punctures the boat is still robust and buoyant. The hard shell hull is usually glass reinforced plastic on a wooden frame, though it can also be simply made of wood or aluminium.

The hull is designed in a 'deep V' style, making the boats efficient at hydroplaning and fast through the water, as well as making for a smoother ride.

If you're looking for a great working boat, a reliable transportation boat, a leisure boat or a fantastic option for a commercial boat, RIBs are the perfect option.

Some large RIBs have hard tops made of glass reinforced plastic or aluminum to offer protection from the sea and weather for passengers, or crew, to travel more comfortably or to protect equipment. There are also canopies that can be attached in rough weather and removed when it's fine, which make the boats flexible and multi functional in a way other designs can't match.

Some even come with small cabins, with room for a small number of people and/or equipment, and accommodation including chemical toilets. This means that these RIBS are also great as small cruising craft, for leisure or commercial use.

The range of commercial RIBS in these listings mean that there's bound to be the perfect match for your needs. A range of sizes and styles, with differing options for power and motor, and to suit a range of budgets, available from many locations, means that no matter what you're looking for you'll find the right boat to suit your needs.
Commercial RIBs
Blue Spirit OP 90 5
Commercial RIBs
Commercial RIBs
Blue Spirit Cabin 9.2 m. 1
Commercial RIBs
Blue Spirit 8.2 m. 1
Commercial RIBs
Commercial RIBs
Blue Spirit 7.5 m. 3
Commercial RIBs
Commercial RIBs
Offshore Sloop 9 m. 1
Commercial RIBs
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