Commercial Fishing Trawlers For Sale

Commercial fishing Craft

Our commercial trawlers are available in a wide range of sizes, from the small 30 hp open boat for the small business fisherman to the 10,000 hp factory ship capable of dragging the largest catch with double rig or multi rig trawl nets.

Modern commercial trawlers for sale are built to last and designed with decks, wheelhouse and accommodation the layout of which varies depending on the model, with the accommodation sometimes positioned aft, forward or midships on the vessel. The modern trawler is often equipped with sonar, electronic navigation system and motorised winch. The level of sophistication in fishing equipment can also vary depending on how big the trawler is and the technology installed on the vessel.

Mechanical hauling devices and electronic equipment

Newer commercial trawlers for sale will usually have mechanised devices on deck for hauling, such as Gilson winches or similar, together with other auxiliary winches to control trawling wires (towing warps) and net drums for storage.

The size and model of a commercial trawler will often define the type of contemporary electronics installed and can include equipment for communication, GPS navigation, fish detection and gear monitoring devices. The vast majority of electronic equipment will typically be found in the wheelhouse on smaller vessels and on the bridge of large trawlers where there will be a command console conveniently placed between the chairs of the skipper and co-pilot.

Navigational instruments on commercial trawlers for sale

To manoeuvre the trawler at sea and in the harbour, GPS and autopilot are the navigational instruments of choice on many of these vessels. Radar tends to be used to keep the right distance between two trawlers if they are pair trawling. Instruments for communication are wide and varied and can include EPIRB, radio, maritime distress and crew communication devices. Sonar and echo sounders for fish detection are a prerequisite for successful trawling so that fish can be found quickly.

Most common trawling method

The type of trawling most commonly used by commercial trawlers is Otter Trawling whereby the vessel drags the net over the seabed. Otter boards made from steel hold the net open by sliding apart when the vessel moves. The speed with which the net moves is sufficiently rapid to force the fish into the cod end (back section) of the net. The flow of water into the net is so powerful that once the fish are caught, they can’t swim out again.

The mesh size defines the size of fish that will be caught so if the mesh is large smaller fish will be able escape capture and time is not lost in sorting through small species and young fish that have no value. Otter trawling works on the basis of attraction rather than scooping. Fish are drawn to the movement of the net, perhaps becoming disorientated, and when they are in the net they can’t swim back because of the force of the water coming in and so eventually end up in the cod end.

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