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What Is A Classic Boat And How Can You Define It?

The following information is a very good starting point, possibly, for further discussion.
This is an extract from membership requirement of the British Classic Yacht Club

This register is of boats that have been accepted by the Committee of the
BCYC for membership of the club, as being 'Classic' Yachts.

The criteria for membership include:

Hull material of wood, steel or iron
Design date of 1970 or before
A minimum overhang rule
Usually the build date is before 1970 but some wooden yachts have been accepted which have been built after this date, where the design date criterion has not been breached.

We at feel that if you possess a boat that was made in the 80’s that looks outstanding in design and is in excellent condition, it too could be considered as a classic boat. Why not email us with your views on this as whilst the BCYC are not inclined to accept membership to their club unless you meet their criteria, perhaps the definition needs to be updated somewhat.

If you feel you do have a Classic Boat for sale but it doesn’t meet the BCYC criteria – fear not because the beauty of a “Classic” boat is in the eye of the beholder. We will be happy to put your boat up for sale in this section.

Our simple categorization is for Classic boats up to 15m and Classic Boats over 15m. Let’s keep it simple for the benefit of your potential client.

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