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Defining what 'classic boat' means to anyone is difficult, as it can mean different things to different people. Really a classic boat falls within loose guidelines, but is classic because of a certain beauty and aesthetic, a feel rather than a definite.

It's easier to say what isn't a classic boat. A boat isn't classic simply because it's old, though to be classic it must be made before the 1970's - or at the very outside, in some cases, built in the 1980's following classic design and manufacture methods.

The British Classic Yacht Club have defined what constitutes a classic boat as having a steel, iron or wooden hull and being designed before 1970. There is also mention of a minimum overhang rule, but this figure differs depending on the size and design of the boat.

Classic boats have long been hard to define. 'Classic' is more about the feel, about a certain beauty, than specific guidelines. Classic boats are enviable and desirable, passers by stop to watch her sail and comment on her, ask questions, smile to see her. Simply being old and in reasonable condition does not make a classic boat.

If your boat was built in the 1970's or 1980's and is in great condition, and has the kind of design features that people can't help but be drawn to, and you get comments in every port from boat lovers and landlubbers alike, we at think you could call it a classic boat - and you could find it, or list it, in this category.

If you want to buy, or sell, a beautiful boat but it does not fit within the BCYC criteria, but it has that certain magic that makes it classic, and you're selling or looking for a classic (or classic looking) boat under 15m then you're looking in the right place. This category has listings for boats that have something special.

Classic boats bring out passion in boat lovers and sailors all over the world and finding the perfect classic boat isn't about meeting the right criteria, it's about the feeling you get when you see the boat, a certain je ne sais quoi, about beauty.

If you are searching for a classic boat under 15m in length, these listings give you options from all budgets, from locations all over the world. Your choice is limited by nothing more than personal taste, and finding the boat that makes your heart sing.

These classic boats - and boats with a classic feel - are beautiful to look at, beautiful to sail, and bring happiness wherever they go. If you want a classic boat to call your own, or want to be sure you sell your classic boat to the right buyer who will love her the way she deserves, then this section is the perfect place to buy and sell, wherever you are and whatever your budget.

Classic Boats Under 15m
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