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It's difficult to nail down precisely what 'classic boat' means, as the specific definition differs from person to person, and is really a matter of perspective and passion. Though it's hard to define what IS a classic boat, it's easy to say what isn't. A boat simply being old does not make it a classic, and a classic boat must be well presented, well cared for and have a certain aesthetic that catches the eye of any boat lover.

Classic boats are defined by the British Classic Yacht Club as:

1: Having hull material of wood, steel or iron

2: Having a design date of 1970 or before

3: The boat design adhering to a minimum overhang rule, though this figure is hard to define

The build date of the boat is usually before 1970 but there are some wooden yachts with later build dates that have been accepted due to their design following 'classic' styling and methodology.

The specific criteria of classic boats is hard to define; for those passionate about the category it is a feel and an aesthetic beauty more than specific measurements. A classic boat is beautiful, enviable and desirable, rather than just a boat that was made in the right time period, and a boat surviving for thirty or more years doesn't necessarily make it a classic.

Here at we feel that a boat that was made in the 1970's or 1980’s, which has outstanding design features and is in excellent condition, which people are drawn to pass comment on, it can be considered a classic boat and fits within this category.

If your classic boat, or classic appearing boat should it not fit within the BCYC criteria, is over 15m then we feel this is the right place to list it for sale to reach the right buyer. After all, buying the perfect boat isn't about ticking the right boxes, it's about finding the perfect partnership between boat and crew, and that cannot be defined in words.

Classic boats are a passion for sailors all over the world, and that certain "je ne sais quoi" means that finding the perfect classic boat isn't about technical perfection, it's more to do with the feeling that the boat gives you, the beauty of the lines, the style and appearance of the boat.

When you're searching for a classic boat over 15m in length the listings in this section give you a wide range of options in a wide range of budgets, from locations all over the world, meaning your choice is limited only by your personal taste and what captures your heart.

Sailing for the love of the sea air, the waves below you, the horizon in front, wind in the sails above you, and the freedom and magic of life on the waves, is what classic boats are made for. Sea lovers, with sailing in their heart, can find their perfect boat in this section, wherever you are.

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