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A canoe is a fantastic way for water enthusiasts to get involved in boating. With prices ranging from around £200 for a basic model to up to £1,000 for a top-quality boat, it’s an affordable way to see if a boating hobby is something you want to pursue. Here at, we have a vast array of new and second-hand canoes, so you’re bound to find something for you.

For the fussy ones, it is perhaps important to note the difference between a canoe and a kayak. A canoe is an open-topped, usually larger vessel, powered by a single-ended paddle. Its close relative, the kayak, traditionally is smaller, more enclosed, employing a double-ended paddle. Typically, canoes are arguably better for beginners as the larger structure makes them more stable and comfortable. They are also ideal for holidays or day trips as they have plenty of room for all of your supplies, plus they are utilised more for holding two people as opposed to one in a standard kayak.

When investing in any expensive sporting equipment, it is always recommended that you do your research first. This is certainly the case when it comes to finding the perfect canoe for you. There are all sorts of factors that can affect what the best model for you will be; from your height and weight to what sort of conditions you plan on canoeing in. Once you know the model that best fits your requirements, check out our fantastic range to find the perfect boat for you

It’s sensible to see if a canoe is a suitable companion for you before making the investment of a purchase. There are plenty of places in the UK where canoes can be hired for days or half days so you can try before you buy. Go online to find out where the closest canoe hire is to you.

Canoes are also the perfect investment for people who prefer an ‘adventure’ holiday. There is nothing better than having the freedom to explore the landscape by following the smooth flow of a river; seeing things that you’d never discover by land. Canoes allow you to explore the waterways, rather than be obstructed by them. Unlike kayaks, canoes are better suited for calm, touring journeys as opposed to exploring choppier waters, so stick to adventure rather than adrenaline to avoid any damaged kit… and getting wet! There are plenty of beautiful holidays in the UK for novice canoe owners, with the picturesque scenery of Scotland being a particular highlight. For popular European trips, try shadowing the iconic journeys of John MacGregor. MacGregor is wide regarded to have brought canoes to the people of Europe and made epic journeys in his, including voyages down the Rhine, Danube and Seine rivers. Read some of MacGregor’s tales, they are sure to inspire you to get out onto the water.
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