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Inboard and Outboard boat engines

Depending our the type of boat you have will determine the sort of engine you will require. Boat engines now days come in a selection of fuel types, Petrol, Gas, Diesel and even electric.

As technology has moved on son has boat engine development, long gone are the days of spending your time pulling on a pice of string only to get the odd splutter out your boat engine!

Most modern boat engines have electric starting even the smallest and most compact.

Out board boat engines especially have seen some major changes especially in the power out put, you can now get a V8 400 Hp outboard boat engine!

With suppliers like
Mecury Out Board Engines
Suzuki Out Board Engines
Mariner Outboard Engines
Evenrude Out Board Engines
Honda Outboard Engines
Yamaha Outboard Engines

plus lots of new comers to the marketplace such as -

Zomair Out Board Engines

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