Single Handed Sailing Boats

Fun With Single Handed Sailing Boats

If you’re looking for a sport that you can do by yourself you may wish to look into single handed sailing boats. Just as the name suggests, single handed means by yourself. If you’re not afraid of a work out, and if you enjoy some solitude and serenity on the water, this is one of the most excellent sports there is and you’ll get a great workout since you’re doing the work yourself.

Single Handed Vessels

There are a variety of single handed sailing vessels available on the market today. From row boats to dinghy’s to smaller sized sailing boats you can readily find something that you can afford and manage all on your own. They come in a variety of lengths and styles so you should easily be able to find something that is perfect for your needs.

Portability with a Single Handed Boat

Since these are smaller boats they are easy to take just about anywhere. From smaller lakes to larger lakes you can either put them on a small boat trailer or on the top of your car. For this reason many choose to go to little known lake areas and enjoy the time alone.

Single Handed Sailing Boats Versatility

In addition to being able to take these smaller vessels on a variety of lakes and water ways, some have taken on the challenge of circumnavigating the world on single handed sailing boats. These adventurous souls enjoy the adventure and pre plan their trips accordingly. If you wish to get into this sort of adventure it’s important to plan your route carefully and ensure that you have plenty of provisions, ports to stop in and superior skills to navigate the oceanic spaces on your trip.

Competitive Sports Single Handed Sailing Boats

In recent years single handed sailing has become a major sport with many competitions available. There are a number of races one can easily enter and compete in. These offshore races are a great way to prepare if you wish to circumnavigate the ocean at some point in time. These races will finely hone your skills and help you to learn the ropes.

Single Handed Sailing Boats Around The World

There are also a few competitions that go around the world. As with any sport, there are specific rules that you’ll be required to follow in order to compete. You’ll need to ensure that you are using your sails and that you’re using wind and muscle power in lieu of an engine. Absolutely no electric or hydraulic devices are allowed.

If your competition is to be around the world, you’ll need to have locating beacons and GPS systems that can readily pinpoint your location to verify that you actually did sail around the world.

Training – Single Handed Sailing Boats

Many use single handed sailing as a means to train for other athletic events. The fact that you are required to use all of your energy to maneuver the vessel ensures that all of the muscles in your body are given a workout.

There are many great ways to have fun with single handed sailing boats and these are just a few of the ways that someone can break into the hobby/sport of single handed sailing.