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Boats for Sale Worldwide - About Us

We are a small group of North West Business men with a common interest in Boats 
Over the years as boat owners we have been involved with selling our water craft in one form or another.

Although there are some very good boat sales web sites out there nowadays , there are also some very poor ones as well.
As we activley operate over 20 plus web sites between our different business so designing and operating a good web site would be no issue .

Using some American specialist marine software , our web designers came up with this beautiful web site you are now browsing.
As with any new business , it takes time for it to build . This is why for the first few years we are not charging for advertising , so we can generate good intrest in the site and get long term referrals. 

Tell your freinds and collegues , spread the word on face book and twitter . The more people see your boat for sale thebetter chance you have of selling it .

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